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lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

Devine Machine Software - Devine Machine Pro free downloads


Devine Machine Software - Devine Machine EZ

Devine Machine EZ
Price (MSRP): $79

Windows 1.1 DownloadReleased

  • Reduced feature version of DM Pro.
  • View a comparison chart here

Devine Machine Pro
Price (MSRP): $249

Windows 1.5 DownloadReleased

  • 24 synchronized Live Tracks triggered from MIDI notes which offer flexible play and trigger modes.
  • 12 Realtime MIDI-Triggered Effects (including Ringmod, 16th and 8th Sync-Gate, LPF, quantize-buffer repeats, crossfade, realtime random remixer).
  • 20 unique edit sliders, which allow for powerful permutations of the graphic edit effects.
  • Drum Colour Mapping, which allows for slice definition and autoremapping (to easily make different drum loops play the same pattern, and get effortless musical variations).
  • Pre-Quantize of Loops, which prevents having to look at notes offset visually on the graph.
  • Jog Wheel.
  • Region/Slice Editor.
  • 3 LiveLoop Triggering modes (including the ability to load 1-shot WAVs with input quantize on deployment).
  • Loop Recorder.
  • Innovative Wave Database (remembers slice info even if you move and rename your WAV loops).
  • Multiple Outputs (Auxiliary).
  • 8 Stereo 32-bit tracks.
  • 7 graphic edit effects, including a Fat Resonant LPF and Distortion panel, sync-delay effect, Pitch Editor with 35 scales.
  • 400 loop-variation presets (allowing for manipulations with a single mouse click).
  • Groove Editor, which also contains presets and allows you to easily extract the groove from any drum loop.
  • DJ type cross fader (MIDI controllable).
  • Sample Editor.
  • MIDI or QWERTY for Live Loop triggering.
  • Automated Crossfades on up to 24 loops together.
  • Preset Bank Manager.
  • MIDI BeatClock Sync.
  • VSTi 28 outs , with live routing of up to 32 loops via MIDI.

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