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domingo, 20 de julio de 2008

A Different way of sampling with Reason (w/o Recycle)


"Recommended Video & song Hip hop category REASON SEQUENCER"

I do use Recycle when it is more convenient, but this is just another way to sample without using Recycle or DrREX. For this beat, I just chopped individual sounds from a sample (using Cool Edit Pro) and saved each sound as an 'aif' file (wav does fine too I think). Then I load each chop on to Redrum as if they were drum sounds. The reason I used Redrum is because with Redrum, you can just tap the key on the keyboard and it'll play the whole chop (instead of having to hold the key like you would if you used NNXT/NN19 sampler or DrREX). The only disadvantage is that, 1) You only get ten slots, but the point of this whole thing is that you're not sampling a "16 pad" loop. You're just taking individual sounds so you shouldn't really need more than 10... 2) Since you're only tapping the key, you can't control when the chop stops playing. As long as you chop your sh*t right though, this shouldn't be that much of a problem.

So yea, that pretty much covers all of it. Just another way to flip samples. Not sure if you'll find it useful or not. This "video" just shows how I flipped and played the sample using Redrum. The audio becomes unsynchronized with the image so sorry about that LOL. I needa get a video camera or something.

To hear this beat in better quality, go to my soundclick page:


it's the one called Jazz Murder.

Stay tuned for more beats and videos,
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