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martes, 29 de julio de 2008

digitalmusician.net - Digital Musician Messenger (DMM)


Digital Musician Messenger (DMM)
Price (MSRP): Registration at digitalmusician.net

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 1.0 DownloadReleased

DMM, as does the DML, creates a direct audio/video and chat connection between two sequencers such as Logic and Pro Tools. In contrast to the DML, the DMM is specially designed to work on the master channel insert. Besides the possibility of a video conference with the production partner, remote recording sessions can be simply supervised. Thus, it is possible for producers to coach their artists during a recording session without undue cost and time loss at any time and any place in the world. Using the Send File feature, uncompressed audio takes, lyrics or contracts can be transferred in the background during the session.

This is all possible using a standard broadband (ADSL) Internet connection, compatible host software and a free Standard Account from digitalmusician.net.

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