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sábado, 19 de julio de 2008

East West DrumKit From Hell 2 - free samples list


East West DrumKit From Hell 2

• Produced by AWARD-WINNING producers TOONTRACK MUSIC with Tomas Haake (Meshuggah) on a SONAR drumkit
• 2.4 Gigs and 3,200 files of unprocessed multiple mic “interactive” drum sounds providing unparrelled realism
• 9 mono & 2 Stereo outputs with natural bleed through overhead, ambience & Snare bottom mics
• Easy instrument customization - snare, toms and kickdrums use left/right hands/feet
• 5 toms (3 racktoms, and 2 floortoms) 2 kickdrums (left and right) with changeable felt mallet or wood mallet beater, 3 rides, 1 ride china, 2 chinas, 1 spock, 5 crash cymbals and 2 splash cymbals, 3 snares: Sonor, Pearl Birch and Pearl Brass (one of the snares has removable bottom snares, and if that is chosen, the kickdrums and toms change sounds also for the ultimate realism), 2 hats: Sabian & Sabian Prototype, 1 special, 1 cowbell
• Includes special version of KOMPAKT SAMPLER from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS (plug-in or standalone) for MAC and PC

This is the sequel to "Drumkit From Hell", which was hailed by critics and fans all over the world as the best multi-sampled drumkit on the market. DFH was awarded SOS Magazine's FIVE STAR AWARD and EQ Magazine's EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AWARD!

Afer a year of recording, editing, and programming - the next generation of Drumkit From Hell - DRUMKIT FROM HELL 2 has arrived, and once again it features Tomas Haake from Meshuggah on a Sonor drumkit. DRUMKIT FROM HELL 2 includes 2.4 Gigabytes and 3,200 soundfiles of unprocessed drum sounds powered by a special version of Native Instrument's KOMPAKT Sampler.

If you need heavy, natural drum sounds, DRUMKIT FROM HELL 2 will exceed your expectations. Combining the bleed between microphones provides you with unparrelled realism, that is equivalent to having one of the worlds best metal drummers live in your studio. The creative scope of this library is amazing. Step up to the next generation of creative studio tools and the next big thing when it comes to producing high quality drums.

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