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jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

Electra Autentica Productions - Gatoreed


Electra Autentica Productions - Gatoreed


Windows 1.0.1 DownloadReleased

  • Two oscillators in combination with a Phase Distortion osc.
  • ADSR VCA Envelope.
  • Extended filter.
  • LFO.
  • Modulation control.
  • Panic Control - Randomize sounds from LFO to Phase to Pitch.
  • Global: Sync on/off, channel control, mono on/off, retrigger, portamento.
  • 8 note polyphonic.
  • 21 presets.

Electra Autentica Productions - Numb

Price (MSRP): Free

Windows 1.0.1 DownloadReleased


  • One oscillator (sin, saw, triangle, pulse, white noise, etc.).
  • Two ADSR VCA envelopes.

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