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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

Graphic Equalizer Studio 2.5


Graphic Equalizer Studio 2.5

Graphic Equalizer Studio features a 31 band calculator section where bands can be calibrated based on the input of the beginning and ending frequencies, a setting of the Octave selector, and/or an adjustment of the Q-factor. The Wave Player/Recorder allows playback of selected loops for audition, line in mastering from an external source, or re-processing of pre-recorded WAV files infinitely without loss in quality. The 31 bands can be programmed for automated level adjustment or individually adjusted with the click of the mouse. All imaging is rendered in a stunning visual display.

Program Features Include:

* Programmable 31 band display with thousands of configuration possibilities
* Automatic calculation of band frequencies with octave selector
* Programmable requency selection with independent band calculator
* Programmable Q-Factor for fine-tuning separate configurations
* Configurations saved in 2 convenient locations for reloading all project data
* Automated equalization of live audio in real-time for evaluation via external support
* Automated real-time equalization of all digital audio infinitely with no loss of quality
* Sync to loop feature for specific evaluation of digital audio files

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