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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

Humanoidsounds Scanned Synth VSTi v2.0.2-AiR


Humanoidsounds Scanned Synth VSTi v2.0.2-AiR

Scanned Synth Pro is a revolutionary musical
instrument as well as a tool for creating sounds that
have never been heard before. Many have described
using it as a totally refreshing experience,
inspiring whole new pieces of music or avenues of

Following on from the success of Scanned Synth VST,
Scanned Synth Pro introduces the following additional

The Psycho! Button: antisocial behaviour in a button.

A Polyphonic Filter with cutoff frequency modulation
and pitch-tracking allowing the sound to be shaped
naturally and untuitively as well as expanding the
range of possible sounds even further

An Echo effect

Much bigger bass giving the synth a much phatter

Overall improvements in sound quality

Improved efficiency allowing you to run more synths
and effects simultaneously

A huge library of professionally designed factory
preset sounds

Randomisation profiles: presets that contain ideal
settings (initial parameter values and

randomisation amounts) to produce particular types of
sound through randomisation, this enabling you to
quickly generate a unique new bass or a dazzling
special effect with just a few mouse clicks!

An audio input allowing Scanned Synth ProЖs sound to
be made even more dynamic.

Context-sensitive help.

Changes in v2.0.2:

Fixed the issue with audio fading with sample rate
set to 48KHz.

Bigger bass.

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