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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

LinPlug Delta III VSTi


* Modular and extendable design with 3 Oscillator Modules, 3 Filter Modules, 2 Envelope Modules and 4 Effect Modules.
* 8 part MultiTimbral, each part with its own stereo output, optional monotimbral.
* 32 note polyphonic (CPU dependent).
* Unlimited sound programs, Sound Browser.
* Up to 4 oscillator per voice, various High Quality Oscillator types with various waveforms.
* Amplitude and Frequency Cross Modulation and "Pulse Width Modulation" for all waveforms.
* 2 filters per voice, each with 3 types of multimode filters, altogether 23 filter modes.
* 8 envelopes per voice, 2 envelope types: 5 levels / 5 rates and enhanced ADSR Mode.
* Variable keyboard and velocity tracking, individual for each envelopes.
* 4 individual LFOs with various waveform, broad range of tempo sync, Symmetry and Phase of LFO Waves adjustable.
* 4 additional LFO-DAD-Envelopes.
* Portamento / Glide with various options, constant Time or Rate and Auto-Bend.
* Adjustable Precision to bring in the warmth of good old analogue modules.
* Unique modulation matrix with hundreds of modulation routings.
* Fully recognised velocity, mono and poly aftertouch, pitch bend, mod-wheel and various other controllers.
* Loads Delta II presets.
* Full version comes with around 480 presets and a comprehensive PDF manual.

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