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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

NuGen Audio Stereoizer VST v2.6.3 WIN-NEMESiS


NuGen Audio Stereoplacer VST v2.3.3 WIN-NEMESiS

If you have ever wanted to pan a sound in a loop, then read on...

Adjust the position of percussion sounds in a stereo loop, or add stereo positioning to mono samples, placing frequencies exactly where you want them. Stereoplacer gives you control that is simply not available with a traditional mix setup.

Stereoplacer is a fine-tune parametric EQ with the addition of stereo positioning controls. This allows you to tune each band into specific frequencies and move the frequency content around in the stereo sound stage. You can also apply different amounts of cut and boost to the Left and Right channels, or allow Stereoplacer to keep the balance of the original sounds while you choose the position.

Try the demo today and check the manual for a quick guide to getting started.


= 5-Band parametric EQ
Lock into the sounds you need to move with precision, using enough bands to capture all the harmonics you need.

= Tune/Place modes
Independent 'transparent' positioning or combined options fro a more dramatic effect.

= Full utility controls
Integrated A|B system, undo/redo and bypass controls allowing rapid and intuitive comparison of the effect in progress.

= Linear width
Control the width oft he whole process, expanding further (up to 200%) or reducing to reign in - subtle or beyond, you decide.

NuGen Audio Stereoplacer VST v2.3.3 WIN-NEMESiS

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