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martes, 1 de julio de 2008

ProSamples Vol 42 Session Instruments


ProSamples Vol 42 Session Instruments

Want to know what is on each ProSamples volume, or search for a sound in the series? - click here to download the ProSamples Library Wizard:
Mac version, PC version

The people have spoken! PROSAMPLES, a series from three of the World's most critically acclaimed Soundware developers BEST SERVICE, EASTWEST, and ZERO-G is such a huge success that we sent our team back into the studio to churn out 15 new volumes. ProSamples is the fastest selling series in history!!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the latest PROSAMPLES offerings, Volumes 31-45. If that isn't enough, we have also added the HALion format to the already jam packed CDs. Now, each new ProSamples volume includes up to 7 formats!! (with the exception of the multisampled instruments, which do not include ACID). Formats included are: AUDIO, ACID, AIFF/MAC, AKAI, EXS24, HALion, and WAV/PC - all for $49.95!! Plus you can save even more $$$ by buying more volumes (see the following table).


Rhodes Stage Piano Velocity splits, standard and chorus. Altosax Sustained (forte, mezzoforte, piano). Sustained 2 Velocity splits. Sustained 3 Velocity splits. Slide. Staccato (forte, piano). Trumpet Sustained (forte, mezzoforte, piano). Sustained 2 Velocity splits. Sustained 3 Velocity splits. Staccato (forte, piano). Cup mute. Harmon mute.  Includes also chromatic layouted Bongos-Congas and Percussion such as guiro, claves, chimes, maracas, rainmaker, rattles, whistle, cabasa, tambourine, woodblock.

Review: "All of these sounds represent solo instruments and the ones we get are often among the finest examples of their type. I'm impressed with the percussion sounds. The Rhodes is one of the highlights of the Xsample Libraries. You'll also find great and dynamite solo winds." 4 and 5 star ratings (Sound On Sound, UK).

Please note: the audio demos and review quotes are from the original version of these libraries. For a complete listing of what is on the ProSamples version download the ProSamples Library Wizard at the top of this page.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are a number of samplers on the market that claim to be AKAI S1000 compatible. Best Service, East West, and Zero-G only guarantee the data in the AKAI partition will function perfectly on the AKAI S1000 sampler. If you experience problems in conjunction with other samplers, you should consider using some of the more generic formats included in your ProSamples package such as AIFF, WAV, or AUDIO.

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