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martes, 1 de julio de 2008

Quantum Leap Colossus


"Colossus was the clear choice for our Future Music "Virtual Instrument of the Year". Its massive library of instruments, coupled with itop-tier, pro-level sound quality, made it virtual instrument of the year."
"Colossus was the clear choice for our Future Music Magazine Virtual Instrument of the Year A.C.E. Award,” said Editor-in-Chief James Rotondi. “Its massive, comprehensive library of instruments, coupled with its top-tier, pro-level sound quality, made it the stand-out all-around virtual instrument of the year." - FUTURE MUSIC

"Quantum Leap’s contention that Colossus covers all the basic musical genres is accurate, but in some ways, sells the collection short because there’s a ton of valuable, but definitely non-basic, sounds. And while they hit on the “Swiss army knife” concept, frankly, I’d respectfully disagree. A Swiss army knife is practical and useful, but I wouldn’t consider it inspiring. I found Colossus to be all three. Certainly, the luxury of a 32GB “ROM set” is something you don’t find in typical keyboard workstations, and they’re right about ease of use — although operation is simple, not simplistic. So does it have you “completely covered?” Well, nothing can ever cover everything you could ever want. But I’ve yet to find something that comes as close as Colossus. Playing the sounds is a joy, and one can’t help but respect the obvious amount of work that went into creating this library. Overall, Colossus is a superb collection that puts the essentials — and more — in a convenient, well-rounded package that definitely delivers on its promise." - KEYBOARD (KEY BUY AWARD)

"There’s no such thing as the last sample library you need to buy, since there are libraries that cover every category in great detail, and there will always be different varieties of everything. But this library is complete enough to stand alone. Given its vast range of high-quality instruments, Colossus is equally ideal as the foundation of a professional sample library and as a fill-in-the-gaps collection. While its $1000 list price is a considerable investment for most musicians, in this case I consider it a bargain." - VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS

"Quantum Leap Colossus is a virtual instrument that holds a massive 32 GB sample library, in an attempt to provide practically any instrument that any arrangement might call for. Colossus even features an enormous General MIDI (GM) sound set. Overall, the quality of the sounds in this collection is very, very good." - ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN

"I like the fact that there’s no crap in this package, it’s hi-end sampling all the way – whether you choose to use the instruments or not. Colossus is not only a highly versatile plug-in for composers, it’s a deep well of inspiration for sound designers and music makers. Colossus comes highly recommended." - EQ

COLOSSUS is the only HIGH QUALITY complete sound set in one package ever created, and includes 160 instruments! Every instrument and sound in the diverse range of demos above comes from COLOSSUS.

COLOSSUS is a massive 32 Gigabyte (not Megabyte) Virtual Instrument that covers all of the basic musical genres, the way akeyboard workstation attempts to, except COLOSSUS offers much higher quality instruments and dynamics than any keyboard available today.

COLOSSUS is an indispensable tool that you will reach for time and time again when nothing else works, it will become your Swiss army knife of composing, plus it’s GM compatible! You can expect the usual QUANTUM LEAP exceptional quality in COLOSSUS. Even if you own some of these instruments, you will love this collection. A good example is the Fender Rhodes. Despite the fact the Rhodes has been sampled many times, COLOSSUS includes a unique vintage sounding Rhodes you won’t find anywhere else. COLOSSUS includes 15 Gigs of new sounds recorded at Ocean Way Studio B (24-bit), a new 2 Gig piano recorded in Europe, and 15 Gigs from the award-winning range of QUANTUM LEAP and EASTWEST titles (EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra, EW Steinway B Piano, QL Stormdrum, QL Guitar and Bass, QL 56 Strat, QL Hardcore Bass, QL RA, QL Brass, QL Voices of the Apocalypse), all newly programmed with superior sound quality.

Programming is kept very simple, and programs that utilize the mod-wheel are labeled appropriately. All programs have CC11 asan additional volume control. Many programs utilize auto sample alternation for added realism.

For touring musicians, this is the ultimate instrument to have on the road or in a club. COLOSSUS has incredible instruments of every type (check out the complete list at the bottom of this page), for song-writing, filmscoring, multi-media production, in the studio, or on stage, COLOSSUS is an indespensible production tool that has you completely covered.

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