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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008



The Fundamentally New Dynamics Processing Tool in Decades
Get In The Zone

Don't get confused - this is not multi-band compression. DYNAM-IZER is an entirely different beast. Why always apply the same compression to all audio levels? Compress the louder levels with a quick attack; expand the lower levels with a slow release and leave the mid level sounds alone. Try it with a traditional compressor - you won't get far. DYNAM-IZER lets you break your audio levels up into "zones" so you can control them exactly how you want. No one size fits all compression here.
What Are You Looking At?

Thought you knew compression? Think again. DYNAM-IZER lets you visualize compression in a way you've never seen before (no transfer curves here). Just like a graphic equalizer provides valuable information for your equalization efforts, so does DYNAM-IZER provide critical info for your compression efforts. No more shooting in the dark - just the info you need for total control.
That's The Key

Left channel, right channel, both or side chain - DYNAM-IZER let's you choose the audio that will trigger its compression. Like it fast and hard or slow and smooth? You choose: select from Peak or RMS analysis of your key to get the results you want. And once you've got that nailed, get busy with the three available filters (7 filter types to choose from) to tweak your key audio to meet your needs. Whether you're ducking, de-essing or trying something new, DYNAM-IZER's key has you covered.
Features, Features, Everywhere

DYNAM-IZER's compression meters indicate how your attack and release are affecting the compression. Cloud meters show you where your audio levels are concentrated. There's even a built-in "Auto-Limiter" for those times when you want to ensure your audio doesn't go in the red. Automatic gain compensation, look-ahead, and more. Click here to see the Full Feature List!
What you see is what you get

A comprehensive set of meters lets you adjust Dynam-izer settings to perfectly match the specific characteristics of your audio signals.
Version 1.2 Update

* RND Presets are now included as factory presets
* A new ? button has been added allowing quick acccess to the online manual.
* Dynam-izer now comes in two flavors. The brushed aluminum look, was updated with orange buttons, sliders and arrows to improve the visibility of important control points. An "elemental blue" color scheme is now also available. This choice was not only made available to satisfy customers preferences in color schemes, but when running several instances of Frequal-izer it can help to better distinguish which one belongs to which track.

DYNAM-IZER-System Requiremements
* Windows XP and Vista 32
* Requires VST, AU, or RTAS host

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