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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008



Linear Phase Mastering EQ & Matchmaker

FREQUAL-IZER builds a complex FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter to your specifications. See the results of your EQ with the built-in spectrum analyzer. FREQUAL-IZER will not color your audio with the introduction of non-linear phase shift.
Meet Your Match

Ever wanted to make one track sound more like another? Need to bring together takes recorded in different spaces? FREQUAL-IZER's spectrum matching feature provides you with all this and more. Learn the frequency response of one audio source and apply it to another for technical adjustment or creative effect.)
All 50 States

Use FREQUAL-IZER's 50 States to store EQ's for instant recall or automation. Add, delete, copy, and move the EQ states you create or have FREQUAL-IZER intelligently "fill" empty states, morphing between selected EQ's. Working with States is a snap when you use the States Overview to visualize all 50 available states.
Features Galore

A comprehensive history and two workspaces allow you to easily compare and contrast different EQ's. Edit each channel individually or choose from four linking modes to designate how changes to one channel will affect the other. Scale, smooth, or sweep your entire EQ curve. Boost or cut your signal by +/- 18 dB. Customize the spectral display to only show what is of interest to you. Click here to see the Full Feature List!
FREQUAL-IZER brings creativity to linear phase equalization

FREQUAL-IZER-System Requiremements
* Windows XP Compatible
* Requires VST, AU, or RTAS host

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