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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008



A new approach to Equalization, Build the EQ you Need on the Fly
Go on, be the boss

Why work within the confines of an EQ configuration of someone else's choosing? UNIQUEL-IZER lets you determine your ideal EQ. If you ever need more bands or filters, they're just a click away. No need to swap out for another EQ or use another insert slot. UNIQUEL-IZER lets you be the boss.
Variety is the key

From standard to specialty filters, the unprecedented selection lets you be the master of your EQ. Use the 4 and 8 harmonic parametrics to remove A/C line noise (i.e. hum) or use the steep notch to remove unwanted tones. With 11 filter types available, there's a filter for every occasion.
Get Ready to Flex

Activate or inactivate filters on the fly or solo an individual filter to hear only its effect. Two workspaces allow you to compare EQ's to zero in on the ideal settings for your mix. Boost or cut your signal by +/- 24 dB. Zoom in on the filter graph for editing precision. Save your EQ's with integrated Save and Load. Import previously saved filters into your current EQ session.
Click here to see the Full Feature List!
Version 1.2 Updates

* Roger Nichols Presets are now included as factory presets
* A new ? button has been added allowing quick acccess to the online manual.
* Dynam-izer now comes in two flavors. The brushed aluminum look, was updated with orange buttons, sliders and arrows to improve the visibility of important control points. An "elemental blue" color scheme is now also available. This choice was not only made available to satisfy customers preferences in color schemes, but when running several instances of Frequal-izer it can help to better distinguish which one belongs to which track.
* The root frequency of the harmonics filters can now be adjusted in .1 Hz increments. Since A/C noise disturbances are not always at exactly 50 or 60 Hz.

UNIQUEL-IZER-System Requiremements
* Windows XP Compatible
* Requires VST, AU, or RTAS host

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