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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

RSO Extreme Warmth VST-NoGRP



Digital recording technology was scientifically designed to
capture detail and be accurate, it achieves this very well.

Sometimes what sounds great may not be the most sonically
accurate technology.

Vacuum tube technology has long been replaced by digital systems
but many a fine producer has gone back to the old tube devices,
when they can find them. We have designed Extreme Warmth to
emulate vacuum tube saturation and warmth for those working in
the digital domain.

Based on 30 year old tube devices, Extreme Warmth can soften
digital edge while adding considerable density to the mix.
Because of this we have designed it to be used on the master
buss as well as individual tracks.

Extreme Warmth is a VST plugin that works with all recording
programs that support the VST format.

Extreme Warmth is program depended and will take care of the rest
for you.

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