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domingo, 13 de julio de 2008

TPS Brass Section Module synth de trompetas para hacer musica


Here is a VSTi that contains 24bit samples that will blow your ears out! The quality here is unmatched. Containing 32 HI QUALITY BRASS patches, TPS comes as a complete and non-HD-space-hogging VSTi that gives you all the sounds you need
to create a dynamic and realistic composition- including falls, stabs, quintets, "fat" sections, and legatos! All of this at 24 Bits(!)and it doesn't need your whole hard drive to store it's sounds & presets. Infact, some of the sounds are so lush and hi-quality you may feel as though you don't have to apply any EQ!

Note: Apparently this is banned freeware, i heard they had to stop distributing it because it uses samples from big name sample CD's and the graphics were ripped from an RCG:Audio synth

TPS Brass Section Module

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