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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Eiosis - ELS Vocoder free vst plugins vocoder


ELS Vocoder
ELS Vocoder ELS Vocoder

Windows 1.6 DownloadReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 1.6 DownloadReleased

ELS Vocoder aims to faithfully reproduce the analog vocoder sounds that have been used by many artists in the electronic music history whilst also offering a wide range of new and innovative features.

The ELS vocoder uses the same filtering techniques as a real analog vocoder to achieve the same sound, precision and clarity. It has been designed to be easy to use - if you want to process a vocal melody track you simply insert the ELS Vocoder in your track and let the pitch tracker follow the original pitch of the voice. However, behind its simple interface, it features many advanced settings for those who really want to tweak the sound. Each module has its own advanced setting panel, so it can be tuned separately and quickly.


  • 22-band Vocoder.
  • Input Gate.
  • Pitch Extractor with retune on notes option.
  • Voiced/Unvoiced detector.
  • 2 VCOs (Oscillators).
  • Noise generator.
  • 2 LFOs.
  • Frequency Shifter with source selector and advanced stereo settings.
  • Slew/Freeze adjust.
  • Level Slider and VuMeter for each band.
  • Analysis to Synthesis matrix.
  • Output Mixer.
  • Advanced setting panels for each module.
  • Keyboard with key hold.
  • Presets & Banks with sorting options.

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