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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Electrix - Virtual Repeater Pro dj tool software


Virtual Repeater Pro
more info:
Developer: Electrix

Virtual Repeater Pro enables you to experience live loop recording, sampling and overdubbing using your computer.

  • Sync your loops to audio or MIDI and control them with your hands or feet.
  • Record a loop and then speed it up or slow it down - without affecting the pitch. Let VR Pro loop the rhythm parts while you play the lead.
  • Create deep sonic textures and towering, multi-layered loops.
  • Inspire yourself by jamming to your own riffs and grooves.
  • Build a loop library; triggering these loops in different sequences lets you build song compositions on the fly.
  • A built in mixer lets you control the level, pan, pitch and FX sends for each track.
  • VR Pro features sophisticated Audio Beat Detection, MIDI inputs and manual tempo controls that let you Sync your loops to any source.

If you own an original Repeater, you can take loops from Repeater into VR Pro and back again. Other Effects and features include Pitch Shifting, Time Stretching, Undo, Reverse, Slip, Overdub and Resample which allows you to bounce multiple tracks down to one.


  • Easy to use intuitive GUI.
  • Classic Repeater and Modern control interface.
  • Pitch shift; +12/-24 semitones.
  • Time stretch; 1bpm to 150% of recorded rate.
  • Individual track transport; play, stop, reverse.
  • Up to 12 tracks per loop.
  • Seamless loop cue and engage.
  • Advanced real-time beat detection and locking; 60-240bpm.
  • MIDI Sync and Control.
  • ASIO audio interfacing.
  • VST Effects hosting.
  • VST Effect operation mode.
  • Multi-core Processing Engine.
  • Sample rates up to 96KHz.
  • 32-bit floating point processing.

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