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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Elemental Audio Systems - Finis free download


Price (MSRP): $159

Windows 1.0 DownloadReleased
Mac OS X 1.0 DownloadReleased

Finis is a brick wall limiter that employs sophisticated processing techniques to provide smooth, sonically pleasing peak limiting and loudness maximization under even the most extreme conditions.

Finis provides transparent peak limiting and loudness maximization with a simple interface and an intelligent processing engine that gives instant results. Because Finis' limiting action is unlike that of traditional limiters, it lacks some of the more common limiting controls. Instead, Finis offers three distinct psychoacoustic limiting algorithms designed to fit a wide range of audio material. With a click of a button, users are able to audition each limiting effect, switching between limiting types at will. Up to two additional, primary controls are available to fine-tune each limiting algorithm.

In keeping with the style of other Elemental Audio Systems products, Finis provides plenty of visual feedback on its operation. Full-featured input and output peak meters with integrated RMS and peak hold readings give professionals the critical information they need about their audio levels. In addition to this more standard metering, Finis introduces a new metering type: the Input/Output (I/O) Crest Factor meter. Finis' I/O Crest Factor meter provides a quantifiable indication of how the audio dynamics are being affected by the limiter settings. This information allows users to make intelligent choices about limiting, helping to avoid common pitfalls like over-limiting, resulting in the loss of valuable audio dynamics.

Key Product Features:

  • Smooth, transparent, mastering quality limiting.
  • Brick wall limiting means no overs slip past.
  • Simple operation.
  • Three distinct limiting algorithms.
  • Comprehensive input and output metering (Peak, Peak Hold, RMS).
  • New Input/Output Crest Factor meter.
  • Built in Input Gain.
  • Configurable ceiling.
  • Two workspaces to create/compare settings.
  • Support for higher sample rates.

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