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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Elemental Audio Systems - Firium free download


Price (MSRP): $129

Windows 2.1 DownloadReleased
Mac OS X 2.1 DownloadReleased

Feature List


  • Linear phase mastering EQ
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz
  • Spectrum Matching
  • Automation support (using States)
  • Work with each channel individually
  • Four channel linking modes:
    Lock - edit the left and right together
    Weak - edits to one channel cause a similar change on other
    Strong - edits to one channel cause identical change on other
    None - no relationship between channels
    Reverse - edits to one channel cause a reverse effect on the other (used with Weak or Strong)
  • Dynamically change the width of an EQ curve
  • Output peak hold meters with clip indicators
  • Output trim fader with +/- 18 dB boost/cut
  • Altivec/Velocity engine optimizations
  • Multi-processor compatible


  • Built-in spectrum analyzer (with pause)
  • States overview display
  • Draw EQ curve freehand or by dragging one of fifty control points
  • Large, customizable frequency response display:
    show input/output, both or neither; turn control points off/on; show/hide inactive channel
  • Control coupling display to visualize and select how changes to one control point will affect nearby points
  • History slider to easily browse and compare prior EQs
  • Curve smooth slider
  • Curve scale slider
  • Shift entire EQ curve in frequency or gain
  • Curve invert
  • Clear/zero an EQ
  • Zoom in to +/- 6dB


  • Integrated SAVE and LOAD
  • Two workspaces
  • Copy settings to other workspace or completely clear them

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