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jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

Elevayta - Stream Boy free download


Stream Boy

Windows 5.0 DownloadReleased

Stream Boy is a VST plug-in that enables the real-time streaming of audio data from a track, or tracks, between multiple host applications.

Key features:

  • Stream individual audio tracks from one host application to another - and back.
  • Supports multiple streams and multiple hosts.
  • Stream one track to another track within the same or different host or hosts.
  • Stream the master output from your working host directly into your mastering application - no need to repeatedly render your work to disc.
  • Use one host for arranging and another as an effects engine.
  • Access dedicated (non-VST) effects from one host in your other hosts - and vice versa.
  • Auto detection of available audio streams.
  • Auto audio sync between different hosts.
  • Auto detection of new instances, Tx/Rx state and host sample rate compatibility.
  • Auto detection of a terminated stream.
  • Configurable latency (depending on hosts).
  • Fully PDC (Plug-in Delay Compensation) compatible.

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