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jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

Elevayta - Wide Boy free download


Wide Boy
Price (MSRP): $0.90

Windows 1.1.5 DownloadReleased

Wide Boy is a stereo enhancer insert/send effect. Unlike most other stereo enhancers, "Wide Boy" uses the fact that low frequencies are less directional than higher frequencies. By separating out the two frequency bands, and selectively applying different processing to Bass and Treble,"Wide Boy" realizes a wider stereo sound without losing the punch of the bass. The parameter range and flexibility also provides the possibility to generate a number of interesting additional effects.

"Wide Boy" works in the following way: The input audio signal can be either mono or stereo. The signal is first split into two frequency bands. The parameter "Spectral Pivot" determines the frequency at which the band split occurs. Everything below the frequency defined by "Spectral Pivot" is considered as Bass signal and everything above is considered as Treble signal.

The Treble signal is split again and the two channels are independently processed with a temporal delay as determined by the parameter "Spatial Delay". The two Treble channels are then re-mixed according to an algorithm controlled by the parameter "Width".

The Bass signal (bass frequencies being not so directional) is processed with a user defined pan setting and gain ("Bass Pan" & "Bass Gain"). This provides the possibility to steer the Bass signal inside the sound stage independently of the Treble signal.

Finally, all processed signals are mixed together and sent to the stereo output.

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