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jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

Elevayta - Wider Boy Pro free download


Wider Boy Pro
Price (MSRP): $29.95

Windows 5.0.2 DownloadReleased


  • Full parameter automation capabilities within compliant host applications.
  • 32-Bit processing throughout.
  • "MIDI Sync" option enables "Note-On" control of High and Bass pan.
  • "Bounce Mode" provides 4 different "Midi Sync" modes for "Stereo-Basis" panning:
    • Bounce High Only.
    • Bounce Bass Only.
    • Bass and High in-phase.
    • Bass and High anti-phase.
  • "Bounce Slope" for complete control of Midi transitions in "Bounce Mode" (prevents audio clicks).
  • Auto-detect host sample rate.
  • Panning functionality for High frequencies independent of Bass.
  • Humidity control:- A Dry to Wet slider. 100% Wet is the processed signal only.
  • Mode: Provides 5 output modes:
    • Classic - The original "Wide Boy" sound.
    • Toast - Even warmer and richer (my favorite).
    • Boost C - "Wide Boy" with boosted high frequency.
    • Desert - A flatter restrained mix.
    • Thru Pan - Passes the input to output via the High Pan slider.
  • "Spectral Pivot" frequency extended to a maximum of 2 kHz.
  • "High" button: switch everything above the spectral pivot frequency on/off.
  • "Bass" button: switch everything below the spectral pivot frequency on/off.
  • "Boost Wide": provides further widening of the soundstage under any mode.
  • "Mono Bass": enables to collapse everything below the pivot frequency to mono.
  • "Pivot Mode": determines the transition width between Bass and High frequencies.

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