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jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

Elogoxa - Elottronix XL free download


Elottronix XL
Price (MSRP): Free

Windows 1.4 DownloadReleased

Emulation of Robert Fripp's tape delay effect "Frippertronics": two Revox B-77 in continuous loop. This XL version supposes a complete rewrite of the old Elottronix, and adds a ton of new possibilities:

  • Two independent routable delay lines, with a maximum delay time of 80 seconds. Tempo can be synced to host BPM.
  • LFO controlled Pan per delay line, with definable Bar Divisions, Pitch and Waveform.
  • Two global Pan modes: normal and inverted.
  • Rehearsal option: when switched ON, the incoming signal doesn't pass through the delay lines, so you can try different things before inserting them into the loop.
  • Biquad-X multimode filter per delay line. This advanced filter has 9 different modes: Low Pass, High Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, All Pass, Band Reject, Band Pass CSG, Band PassC0PK and Peak. Optional parameters to control are Gain, Cutoff and Q.
  • Tape machine: this module generates tape hiss, which can be pitched up and down.
  • Completely automatable via MIDI CC.
  • Moderate CPU use (-8% Athlon XP 2400+).
  • Includes 8 Presets to give an idea of the effect (4 for sends, 4 for inserts). But what Elottronix XL does can't be covered with presets as you'll discover.

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