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domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

exercises for guitar players


hmm cool;... link I came up with this one

I have noticed that a lot of guitar players are weak in the pinky finger, or 4th finger. So I came up with a easy little exercise that helps build your left hand strength, and right hand coordination. It is nothing more than a 1 octave B arpeggio, that is a combination of Maj3rd's, min 3rd's, Maj 7th's, and Min 7th's. Most exercises of this kind would have you pick every note. I'm gonna change that ,and have you do hammer-ons and pull-offs.

There are sideways curves ) that depict the hammer-ons and pull-offs.

If two notes are together (connected) by the curve, then it will be either a hammer-on, or a pull-off.

If three notes are together, it will be either a pick first note, then hammer-on second note, then pull-off back to the first note. Or it will be pick first note, pull-off to second note, then hammer-on back to the first note.

There is picking directions at the bottom. The squared off upside down U. It means pick downwards towards the floor(Downstroke). The V means to pick up towards your chin(Upstroke). Go slow concentrate on making it smooth and even, use a metronome, or something to keep you in time . This is designed for beginners that have been playing some. This is still a good exercise for intermediate guitar players too. Just try it and see how smooth you are and how fast you can play it smoothly.

The part that says tab is depicting the guitar neck or strings of the guitar. the top string is the 1st string or the one closest to the floor if your holding your guitar (for right handed players with standard stringing). The bottom sting is the fattest string or the 6th or Low E string. The numbers on the strings (lines) are the fret numbers. The left hand fingering is above the tab. Take it slow and if you can't figure out the tap Pm me and I will send pm you back a tab explanation sheet. Good luck and have fun.

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