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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

EyesWeb vj software for mac



EyesWeb is very similar to MSP MAX/NATO for the MAC, only it runs on the PC. Also it's a free, and very flexible application.

It's designed to assist in the development of real-time music and multimedia applications. EyesWeb supports the user (i) in the development and experimenting of computational models of expressive content communication and of gesture mapping strategies, (ii) in fast development and experiment cycles of interactive performance setups.
You can create graphical flowcharts to perform real-time effects on with your content.

An intuitive visual programming language allows to map – at different levels - movement and audio into integrated music, visual, and mobile scenery. EyesWeb has been designed with a special focus on the analysis of expressive content in movement, midi, audio, and music signals.

EyesWeb is the basic platform of the MEGA (Multisensory Expressive Gesture Applications) IST-20410 EU Project.

EyesWeb is for the PC, please visit the publisher's website: http://www.infomus.dist.unige.it/eywindex.html
for the most up to date downloads of the application.

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