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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

FlashMixer V2 free vj software


FlashMixer V2

This application mixes up to 5 layers of Flash movies, while offering various effects such as scale, rotate, position and colour. There are some handy FX settings to make your movies leap about and generally dance, which are all easy to set up and switch on/off. The interface, although in German, is a breeze to use, you just load your clips into the "Flash" folder and call them up into each channel. You can switch levels up and down whilst they are playing, fade them in and out and there is a master zoom (more on that later).

You'll need at least an 800Mhz processor and preferably 256Mb RAM, but even on high spec machines, 5 layers of running movies is going to tax it a bit! I try to stick to a max of 3, but keep the other 2 channels loaded and ready. I use a scan converter to zoom the output screen to the projectors, which is where the master zoom comes into play: most cheap scan converters have a limited range of zooming and I often find that the 3x zoom on mine is a tad too big - just set the master zoom to get exactly the right size image on your projector.

I think the biggest selling point for this type of mixer is that it is not software - its basically a flash movie that looks like an interface. No crashes - ever! Obviously this is not going to appeal to video clip users, except as an additional tool, but if Flash is your main source, then you must at least try this. There is a new version just out, that supports dual monitor set-ups and a full-screen option, which I am in the process of playing with. More about that another time.
(originally reviewed by jaffa from VJC.) You can visit the publisher's website here.

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