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sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

Reason 4 Lesson in Chords and Melodies tutorials reason


This video will attempt to show you with minimum effort how easy it is not only to put together a progressio
n but also to create a melody using that progression as a base to start out from.
Each four bar block will give you a different use if the same four chord groups, for example the first covers the block chords then after that it looks at rolling notes then it takes that principle and pushes it further, after the break you'll then see how to employ that within a piece of music adding in a very simple melody.
This is the first step towards creating great music.
Understand these words "music is infinate and infinatly diverse".
The only boundries that need to be crossed in music are your own understanding of the principles behind it and the boundries of your own mind.
Free yourself and remember anyone can write a four bar chord progression, just because you dont know the technical names of what your doing doesnt mean you cant hear what your doing.
Categoría: Música
Propellerhead Reason Lesson in Chords and Melodies Phoenix Medway Kent FL Studio

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