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lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

descargar gratis subtractk 5.1 florian grote vst plugins Primary Type Surround Synthesizer


Subtrakt 5.1
Product Subtrakt 5.1
Developer Florian Grote

Price (MSRP) Free

Download Is it
Windows 0.9.3 Free DownloadReleased

Subtrakt 5.1 is a 6 Oscillator Surround Synth VSTi that allows you to use the creative possibilities of 5.1-surround sound within the process of sound design.

There are two oscillators for each front and rear and an additional oscillator for the center and one for the LFE (subwoofer) channel. Multimode-filters for each surround-stage and a total of three LFOs allow for interesting and complex sound textures. The arpeggiator is BPM-synchronized to the host application, so rhythmic gating-effects are easy to create. All parameters of Subtrakt 5.1 can be controlled via MIDI-controllers and are available for VST-automation.

Although designed for a 5.1 monitoring system, Subtrakt 5.1 works fine in any stereo environment as well.

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