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lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

Descargar tripp lead synths plugins Primary Type Synth (Analogue / Subtractive)


Tripp Lead
Product Tripp Lead
Developer Fretted Synth Audio

Price (MSRP) Free

Download Is it
Windows 1.0 Free DownloadReleased

  • Lead synth with a fat bottom and screaming sync’s, may also be tamed to become a smooth airy synth with it’s dual filters.
  • Two VA style oscillators, square sub oscillator and a noise osc.
  • Modulation with host sync and an envelope generator, provide a choice of many destinations.
  • Two different moog style filters allow you to choose each one independently, run them parallel or serial.
  • Tube Overdrive and distortion, with control of the tube hard/soft amount.
  • Auto pan synced to ½, ¼ and eight notes of the BPM setting, can be applied to the main oscillator and the delay separately.
  • A mono delay with modulation and a low pass filter, synced to the BPM setting. A reverb with limited control is also provided.
  • Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs, (Gate) which sets the gates strength, (Decay) which sets the gates time to re-trigger.
  • 128 presets to get you started.

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