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lunes, 1 de septiembre de 2008

FL Studio Hardstyle Song - BobbyTheCamel how to make trance hardsytyle melodies


A quick song I made not long ago (took me like 15 minutes to make all notes how i wanted), and thought I might share it with you, it's not much, but it'll do fine since I'm just a beginner and pretty noobish with FL Studio :) Still learning though ... It's not really hardstyle but something near it I guess while it's made of a simple synth and kick bass.
Oh and sorry for the bad audio :(

how to use vanguard plugins

Samples used:
Basic Kick (the standard kick that you have when you start Fruity Loops 8)

VST used:
Vanguard - Max Fun MS

All I changed in Vanguard's Max Fun settings where the following:

1.Delay type: changed to Stereo
2.Delay time: to 1/8D
3.Delay Mix: to 51
4.Delay Feedback: to 27%
5.Filter Cutoff: to 3.43 kHz

Tempo - A basic 140.000
Categoría: Música
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