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lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2008

free Guitar controlled bass synth Primary Type Synth (Phase Distortion)


Guitar Controlled Bass Synth
Product Guitar Controlled Bass Synth
Developer Fretted Synth Audio

Price (MSRP) Free

Download Is it
Windows 3.0 Free DownloadReleased

GCBS is a VST plug-in with the ability to track a mono (guitar, audio) input's pitch, gate and velocity, and trigger its own synth. It does this using no MIDI for tracking, which results in smooth slides and bends that have a very quick response.


  • Designed as a bass synth, can also be used for many different synth and percussion sounds.
  • Phase distortion oscillator, two wave selectors with eight waveforms each and modulation depth. Sub, bass and normal octaves.
  • Can be altered by one of sixteen different preset waveshapers.
  • A separate sub osc can be set equal to or one octave lower than the main oscillator and can enter the signal chain pre or post filter.
  • Two filters: Moog type and Low pass. Variable envelope amount with controls for attack, decay and sustain.
  • Amp section with control of attack, decay and sustain.
  • Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs, (Gate) which sets the gates strength (Decay) which sets the gates time to re-trigger.
  • 128 presets to get you started.

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