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lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2008

Robotic Vocals with Vocoder Tutorial


This tutorial is about how to make the fruity loops "vocoder effect" for vocals
the vocoder is a tool which turns the normal "voice sound" into a "robotic sound"

so in this tutorial we are gonna turn THIS into THIS

ok then , let's start...

first you are gonna need a vocal sample to insert in fruity loops studio
record your voice and save it as .wave or just use a sample you have

and to insert the sample ,
just drag and drop the wave file you have into the fruity loops playlist

and you will see it like that

now you will also need a vst sound to insert into a channel
choose any sound you like from 3X OSC
(I just prefer it cuz it's simple but you can choose what you want)

after you do this
you need to assign the 2 channels (vocal & vst) into 2 different mixer tracks
and to do this , left click the channel (which is the vocal or vst)
and choose the settings ,this will bring you that window

now you assigned the vocal sample to track (2) in mixer
do the same things with the vst channel but instead assign it to
track (3)

now after you've done that let's bring the mixer window and see how it looks like

now insert the vocoder in mixer track (4)

now after we added the vocoder in mixer track (4)
we gotta "route tracks (2) and (3) to track (4)"
and this means we make the vocal and vst channels play through the vocoder track
so that the input is (vst + vocal) and the output is (vocoder)

to start routing track (2)
select track (2) in mixer
then right-click track (4) "the vocoder track" and choose
"route to this track only"

look at this

I'm gonna explain what we've done

okay ,after adding our vocals and vst
we set the panning of vocals to the left and panning of vst to the right
that's because the vocoder is designed to automatically recognize
the left channel as vocal channel called (modulator)
and the right channel as vst channel called (carrier)

and by doing that we make sure that our channels are set correctly
then we routed the vocal and vst channels to the vocoder channel just
to make the sound come out of the vocoder so that the vocoder can process it

see this

okay , when you do all that and press play we won't hear anything :D
that's because the vocals can't play with no carrier (vst)
so we have to write notes for the vst channel
and what this does is :

vst channel tells the vocals to sing notes you specify !!
that means if you have a normal voice speaking, you can make it SING !
just write any notes you want in the piano roll of vst and play .....

those are the notes I wrote for my vst

that's how the project looks

just the pattern of vst notes and the vocal sample !

still I want to say something
that the robotic sound depends on the vst you use
for example , if you used a pad to be your carrier, the voice will sound warm
but if you use a distorted sound, the voice will sound distorted too
ok LISTEN TO THIS and compare it to the robot sound we started with
in this sample I used "another" vst than the one you listened to at the beginning
of tutorial

ok this is the end of tutorial
I hope it was helpful
pls support , and if you want to ask about anything
leave a comment with your question, I would be happy to answer it !

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