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jueves, 16 de octubre de 2008

EZDrummer Tutorial w/FL Studio Death Metal Track



A death metal track I made for my drummer to learn the basics to. EZDrummer plug-in hosted in FL Studio and programmed by me. Guitars recorded and imported with Kristal Audio Engine, effects done with Amplitube Metal. This is a song in the works for the band Short Bus Pile Up. All work is copyrighted material.

This vid roughly explains how to get the EZDrummer plug-in working in FL Studio after installation. I got tired of everyone asking where the icon was so they could open it...EZDrummer is not a program. It is a vst plug-in. Hopefully this helps a bit.

For all of those that want to get a hold of the program and anything else somewhat useful check out this blogspot:

Categoría: Música
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