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lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

download Amadeus II by HairerSoft descargar gratis


Amadeus II
Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Mac OS X 3.8.7 Demo / TrialReleased

Product Amadeus II
Developer HairerSoft
Primary Type Audio Editor
Price (MSRP) $30

Amadeus is a powerful sound editor.

Features include:

  • Sound repairing functions. Amadeus II allows you to easily remove background noise and/or little cracks from a recording, making it the ideal tool for restoring old LP's.
  • Analyzing functions. It is very easy to create sonograms or to make a detailed spectral analysis of a signal using Amadeus II.
  • Localization in french, german, italian and japanese.
  • Support for 16 and 24Bit sounds and arbitrary sampling rates.
  • Multiple undoing.
  • Fast forward / rewind.
  • CoreAudio support under MacOS X.
  • Extensive support of markers.
  • Fadings, transitions, normalization.
  • Very fast filtering (using G4 velocity engine).
  • Support for the formats AIFF / AIFC / FLAC / Wave / Mp3 / Mp4 / m4a / AAC / CAF / Ogg Vorbis / QuickTime / AVI / SoundDesigner II / u-law.
  • Full support for AAC encoding (MacOS 10.4 required).
  • Raw sound data import/export.
  • Possibility to split files and to join several files together.
  • Real-time spectral analysis and oscilloscope.
  • Multiple scraps.
  • Several sound generators.

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