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viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

Descargar Satellite (Free/Pro)


Satellite (Free/Pro)

Product Satellite (Free/Pro)
Developer ILIO
Primary Type Sampler/Sample Player
Price (MSRP) Free / $149
Plug-in Formats
Instrument(s)VSTAudio UnitRTAS
Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Windows 1.0.22 Free DownloadReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 1.0.22 Free DownloadReleased

The Satellite sample player is the result of a collaboration between ILIO, distributor of sample libraries and virtual instruments, and Muon Software, developer of the 64-bit Tachyon virtual instrument engine.

Satellite is at the heart of the sampled instrument download service, Samplebase. All sounds available on the Samplebase site are formatted for the custom Satellite player thereby eliminating the headaches and hassles of managing and supporting multiple instrument formats.

Samplebase aims to bring artists, producers and sound designers to the forefront of this easy-to-use service. By opening the Samplebase site to sound developers from around the world, ILIO aims to create a global community of artists who will produce the sounds and beats that inspire a new generation of musicians, songwriters and composers.

Satellite Features:

  • Available as a FREE download to all registered Samplebase users.
  • Plays back all Samplebase instruments and loops with no restrictions.
  • Ability to load industry standard REX/RX2 loops, Acidized Wave files or AIFF/Apple Loops.
  • Cross-platform support including Windows VST and Mac VST/AU versions.
  • Up to 127 velocity zones per key.
  • Up to 1,024 voices of polyphony (CPU dependent).
  • Automatic tempo detection and host sync.
  • Syncable LFOs (with multiple waveforms) for the Pitch, Filter and Amplitude sections.
  • Dedicated multi-stage (ADSTR) envelopes.
  • Powerful synthesis engine with 10 filter types.
  • 16-part multi-timbral with convenient key split and layering capabilities at the multi level.
  • Integrated 16-channel mixer with 2 effects sends and 2 aux (insert) busses per channel.
  • 17 high quality built-in effects.
  • 8 "Quick Edit" control knobs available per patch for fast parameter editing and automation.
  • All interface controls automatable via standard MIDI controllers including min/max parameter range settings.
  • Ability to load up to 128 multis and 256 instrument or loop patches into memory simultaneously.
  • Integrated "List" screens for managing multis, patches and FX patches.
  • Artist/Developer picture or logo storable per patch along with detailed info "tags" and patch comments.
  • Standard MIDI file playback (including import/export functions) available per patch.
  • Loops automatically sync to the host tempo and can be transposed "on-the-fly" from the keyboard.
  • Real time, high quality time stretch automatically syncs/transposes audio loops to the host tempo and song key.
  • Ability to instantly set the musical key of all loops within a multi.
  • Proprietary lossless compression reduces file sizes by up to 50% for faster downloads and disc space conservation.

Satellite Pro Additional Features:

  • Dedicated Patch and Effects screens for full synth and effects parameter editing.
  • Keymap screen with sample list and graphical zone editor for building and editing patches.
  • Advanced sample "Automap" and "Assign" functions make it extremely easy to build patches from scratch.
  • Integrated graphical waveform editor.
  • Powerful batch processor.
  • Graphical crossfade loop editor with industry-leading proprietary algorithm for creating perfectly seamless sample loops.

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