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jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

Fl-Studio Tutorial How To Import Your Actual Keyboard Sounds Into FL-Studio


This is a tutorial that explains how to import audio files into FL-Studio. The main thing is how to put your keyboard audio into FL-Studio.
Like i said in the video, the sounds from your keyboard have to be played the way you would like it, and then convert it to an audio file with FL-studio. You CAN'T edit it in the piano role if you mess up. Its just an audio file. But its very useful if you have piano skillz.

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If you have an electronic store by you all you would need is to look at the back of your keyboard and see what type of headphone jack it has. Most likely, it will have a guitar style jack, and you will have to buy a converter that i show in the video. You will also need a headphone cable that has 2 male ends. Instead of male and female.

Once you plug that into your audio card in your computer, you will have to integrate it with your audio drivers to tell the computer that the cable you just plugged in is a LINE IN cable. Then follow the steps in the video.
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Fl-Studio Tutorial Import audio files with midi keyboard

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