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viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

free energyXT download vst plugin by XT Software



Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Windows 2.5 Demo / TrialReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 2.5 Demo / TrialReleased
Linux 2.5 Demo / TrialReleased

Product energyXT
Developer XT Software
Primary Type Modular Environment
Price (MSRP) $75

  • Modular MIDI and audio routing
  • Supports VST effects and instruments
  • MIDI CC automation of VST parameters
  • Full VST fxb/fxp support
  • VST multi-in/out inside energyXT
  • VST I/O configuration. 2 x mono can be changed into 1 x stereo etc
  • Polyphonic multi-mode arpeggiator with unlimited patterns including notes and control change
  • Chord component, each chord will trigger by a single MIDI key.
  • Multi-channel Audio Part component
  • Dynamic mixer with cc automation, up to 16 stereo ins and 15 stereo sends
  • MIDI envelope
  • Live recording of master out, with save to wav
  • Grab screenshots of VST's to use as icon's in main window
  • MIDI patcher, will split incoming MIDI data into key- and velocity zones. Use it to layer VSTi's and make fat sounding patches.
  • MIDI CH filter for multi-timbral MIDI routing

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