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viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

programas para analisis de equalizacion



Product apEQ
Developer apulSoft
Primary Type EQ
Price (MSRP) €49
Plug-in Formats
Effect(s)VSTAudio Unit
Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Windows 1.3.2 Demo / TrialReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 1.3.2 Demo / TrialReleased

apEQ is a stereo equalizer/analyzer intended to operate as precisely as possible while letting the user see exactly what is going on.

Main Features:

  • 64-bit internal precision.
  • 2x and 4x oversampling.
  • Unique filter stack feature to improve filter results.
  • Output hard- and soft-clipping built in.
  • Variable number of filter-bands (up to 64).
  • Up to 40 dB gain per filter.
  • Independent stereo filtering.
  • High resolution FFT analyzer.
  • Large analyzer display.
  • Graphical editing of filters on top of the analyzer display.

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