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viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

programas para masterizar plugins gratis descargar



Product Ozone
Developer iZotope
Primary Type Mastering System
Price (MSRP) $249.99
Plug-in Formats
Effect(s)VSTDirectXAudio UnitRTAS
Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Windows 3.15 Demo / TrialReleased
Mac OS XMac OS X Universal Binary 3.15 Demo / TrialReleased

Ozone is a mastering system of 64-bit DSP algorithms, complemented with enhanced visual meter displays, and integrated in an interface that makes it easy to get good masters.


  • Multiband Dynamics: Up to four bands of multiband dynamics that carefully emulate the response of analog circuitry, providing natural-sounding compression, expansion, and limiting
  • Paragraphic EQ: Shape the tone with eight nodes of bell, highpass, lowpass, high-shelf or low-shelf filters overlaid on an ultra fast spectrum display.
  • Multiband Harmonic Exciter: Up to four bands of multiband excitation for adding warmth, sparkle or shine to your mixes.
  • Multiband Stereo Imaging: Up to four bands of multiband stereo widening for adding space to your mix without losing the bass.
  • Mastering Reverb: Dual mode reverb for adding ambience to your mix.
  • Loudness Maximizer: Push the level without overloading with analog modeled or digital transparent loudness maximizers.
  • Dither: Prepare audio for CD with word-length reduction and high order psychoacoustic shaped dithe

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