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jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock EastWest


Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock

Product Quantum Leap Ministry of Rock
Developer EastWest
Primary Type Sound Module
Price (MSRP) $495

Quantum Leap Ministry Of Rock is a huge 18 Gb collection of Rock Drums, Basses and Guitars recorded in the famous East West Studio 2.

Ministry Of Rock is a modern day rock toolkit that covers a myriad of styles. It features sounds used in today's music and the entire library was created with one goal in mind: to create a virtual instrument capable of producing sounds that could actually produce a hit record or film score without any live drum, bass or guitar overdubs. Articulations and programming was all reverse engineered from actual performances.

Special Features:

  • Legato Bass and Guitar Samples.
  • Legato and Staccato Repetitions.
  • Playable rhythm guitars and leads, clean and distorted.
  • Release samples.
  • Guitars and basses recorded in dual amp configurations and software allows user to choose amp, or mix the sound from both amps.
  • Dynamic bass that can play everything from ballads to the most hardcore music imaginable.
  • Round robin bass drums, snares, toms and hats. performance drum hits extracted from live playing.
  • The world famous studio 2 rock drum sound featured on countless gold records.
  • Drumkits are also optimized for use with Roland VDrums.



  • Octaplus (9 Toms).
  • Ayotte.
  • Ludwig.
  • Gretch (the actual kit used to make Metallica's Black record).

Basses (All recorded thru an Ampeg SVT rig and an Ashdown rig):

  • Fender P-Bass Custom.
  • Fender 5 String.
  • Specter and Kubiki basses.

Guitars (All recorded thru Marshall, Fender, Bogner, Vox and Budda amps):

  • Fender Telecaster.
  • Fender Stratocaster.
  • Gibson Les Paul.
  • Ibanez Universe 7.
  • PRS guitars.

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