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jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

Quantum Leap Silk EastWest


Quantum Leap Silk

Product Quantum Leap Silk
Developer EastWest
Primary Type World
Price (MSRP) $595 / €455

Quantum Leap Silk features a collection of historic and unique string and woodwind instruments from China, Persia and India.

All instruments featured in Silk are multi-sampled with extreme attention to detail, offering the maximum in expression. Quantum Leap Silk contains extensive articulations, interval sampling (where appropriate), round robin (alternate samples) and phrases to give the feeling of smooth effortless performance – like silk. Each musician recorded for Silk is a master of his instrument, providing the best and most accurate sound available. Silk also allows users to adapt the instruments using dozens of useful micro tunings in the key of their choice.

Some of the instruments featured in Silk include:

  • CHINA: erhu, zhonghu, gaohu, pipa, guzheng, yangqin, sheng, suona low, suona high, dizi low, dizi hi, xiao and bawu.
  • PERSIA: electric cello, kemenche, nay, duduk, tar, qanun and 30 piece string section.
  • INDIA: dilruba, sarod, tanpura and bansuri.

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