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lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

descargar compresores recomendados plugins Red Phat Pro by Jeroen Breebaar


Red Phat Pro

Product Red Phat Pro
Developer Jeroen Breebaart
Primary Type Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter)
Price (MSRP) €10
Plug-in Formats
Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Windows 1.0 Demo / TrialReleased

Red Phatt Pro provides flexible and powerful dynamics processing and supports advanced compression techniques such as upward compression, downward compression, New-York style (parallel) compression, side-chaining, dual-ratio compression, expansion and more.

Its zero latency allows to use Red Phatt Pro in the studio and on stage. A dedicated, zero-latency integrated peak limiter can be enabled to protect against overs and to add 'warmth' using dynamic waveshaping techniques.

A clear, intuitive user interface displays the current input/output compressor curve and gain, and visualizes enhanced compressor use such as upward and parallel compression.

Red Phatt Pro supports mono and stereo side-chaining to process voice overlays, pumping rhythm tracks and alike. Furthermore, level detector band pass filtering and hysteresis provide enhanced control over the key signal. Different release curves can be selected including a 'hold' control to obtain smooth/transparent or warm/creative compression characteristics. A variety of categorized presets is included to quickly find optimal settings for each compression task.

The plug-in comes in two flavors: the main plug-in with 4 inputs that supports mono, stereo, mono sidechain and stereo sidechain configurations, and an 'alternative' version with only 2 inputs to ensure compatibility with hosts that do not support 4-channel inputs. This alternative version supports mono, stereo and mono sidechain configurations but does not support stereo sidechaining.


  • Zero latency processing optimized for both live and studio use.
  • Mono and stereo operation modes.
  • Support for all sampling frequencies supported by the plug-in host.
  • Support for 64-bits (double-precision) audio data for high-end use.
  • Mono or stereo sidechain input for broadcast or advanced music production purposes.
  • Higher-order level detector with controllable filter and hysteresis for maximum control of the detected signal envelopes.
  • Variable attack, hold and release characteristics.
  • Ultra fast attack rates down to 0.0001 seconds and release times down to 0.001 seconds.
  • Different release curves for more sonic variety.
  • Dual-ratio compression / expansion curves for maximum dynamics flexibility supporting both upward and downward compression.
  • Support for parallel (New-York style) compression.
  • Integrated zero-latency peak limiter.
  • Clear user interface and display with dry input/output curve, effective input/output curve, current input level, compressor and limiter gains for visual inspection of plug-in operation.
  • Variety of categorized presets to quickly set all 19 parameters depending on the desired use case

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