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lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

descargar multi factor limiter para 4 dominios simultaneamente Barricade Pro


Barricade Pro

Product Barricade Pro
Developer Jeroen Breebaart
Primary Type Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter)
Price (MSRP) €10
Plug-in Formats
Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Windows 1.0.3 Demo / TrialReleased

Barricade Pro is a multi-factor limiter operating in four domains simultaneously. It allows waveform limiting, envelope limiting, loudness limiting, and cross-correlation limiting. Barricade Pro builds upon the free Barricade limiter plugin. It extends the freeware version with new functionality, and full control of all its parameters.

Features and specifications:

  • Each section for waveform, envelope, loudness and correlation limiting is fully customizable in terms of time constants, amount of processing, and alike.
  • Barricade Pro features professional signal level meters according to the Katz metering system. Metering includes digital peak, peak hold, RMS and correlation levels. Meters can be switched between K12, K14 and K20 scales.
  • Barricade Pro supports processing of 64 bits audio data.
  • Output bit-depth can be reduced using dithering and perceptual noise shaping.
  • Sample rates are supported of up to 196 kHz

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