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lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

descargar un synth de orquesta JMT Orchestrator by Jasmine Music Technology


JMT Orchestrator

Product JMT Orchestrator
Developer Jasmine Music Technology
Primary Type Auto-arranger
Price (MSRP) $49
Plug-in Formats
Operating System Availability
Download Is it
Windows 2.1 Demo / TrialReleased

JMT Orchestrator is a powerful auto-arranger MFX and VST plug-in for SONAR/Cakewalk, Cubase/Nuendo and Finale based on advanced technologies of Musical Object Morphing. Its flexible real-time control of MIDI data generation combines great functionality for professionals with real simplicity for amateur musicians. It has all you need to create a professional arrangement or a full song in your favorite sequencer.

General Features

  • Real-time MIDI FX plug-in functionality.
  • Full orchestra accompaniment generation of up to 10 tracks.
  • Flexible data generation control for every track of every style.
  • Large set of well-done styles in all musical genres.
  • Large and flexible system of Chords and Musical Scales.
  • Smart Chord Progression saving/opening.
  • Two modes - "From Track Pane" and "From Style" for track parameters control.
  • Drag-and-drop operations.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Import of Cakewalk .ins files.

Accompaniment Generation Control

  • Selection and placement of a Style to any measure in a song.
  • Use of any number of Styles in a song in any order.
  • Use of up to 5 musical scales and up to 100 Chord types following up to 1/8 note step for creating Chord Progression.
  • Selection, repeat and replacement of used measures of initial style content by means of controls in Pattern mode of Style Pane.
  • Independent adjustment of Morphing mode, Chord Step and Octave shifts, Notes Range, Pan, Vel+, Mute/Solo and more for each track of current style in Morpher mode of Style Pane.
  • Independent control of Patch/Bank for each track for all style of a song in "From Style" mode.
  • Common control of Patch/Bank, Volume, Pan, Key+, Vel+, Mute/Solo simultaneous for all style of a song in "From Track Pane" mode.
  • Use of Drum Converter for Drums sound selection, relative Velocity adjustment and for sound Mute.
  • Use of any style in any Meter (for example, 3/4 to 7/8 and vice-versa) *.
  • Fine adjustment of the morphing process in the Common Morphing Parameters dialog.
  • Easy Fill control.

Song Managing

  • Key/Scale, Chord, Fill and Style markers flexible editing.
  • Selection and combination of musical Key/Scales in a song from in any sequence: Major, Minor, Blues Major, Blues Minor, Gypsy.
  • Selection of chords from a comprehensive list (Associated, Inversions, Limited, Any Chords - total number of more than 100 types) and input of chords from PC keyboard with time snap from one measure to 1/8 note.
  • Indication of the chord not belonging to the chosen Key/Scale.
  • Flexible editing of the chord progression.
  • Two ways for chord types indication and sharp/flat option.
  • Save and load of a chord progression at any measure in a song preserving initial meter or transformation into the current one *.
  • Creation of a song with variable meter *.
  • Chord Progression load is always appropriate for any meter *.
  • Style Selection from a genre list.
  • Use of any number of Styles in a song in any order.
  • Use of any number of Fills.

Style Sets

JMT Orchestrator makes use of the same Onyx Arranger 2.1 OOStyles - up to 10 tracks and 16 measure length and created from ready MIDI files. These styles were made using well-done world hits, preserving all original performance nuances, and also preprocessed using NTONYX Performance Modeling technology.

  • 100 Styles included in JMT Orchestrator basic package and 400 Styles are available for free download.

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