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domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

programa especial para el analisis de audio Spectra Plus v5.0


Spectra Plus v5.0

Spectra Plus v5.0

If you have been searching for an extremely powerful yet cost effective solution to audio spectrum analysis then you have found the right product. SpectraPLUS allows you to perform complex audio signal analysis without the use of any other hardware other than your Windows compatible sound card.

THD+N versus Frequency utility - quickly and conveniently measure the distortion characteristics of a device over a range of frequencies. Results are shown on a semilog/log plot and can be saved/loaded from disk or printed.

Live Peak Hold Trace - peak hold is now a separate live trace with selectable release times. This allows you to simultaneously view the normal spectral data and the peak hold data - perfect for monitoring live sound.

Improved spectral overlay features - now up to six simultaneous traces. Each overlay can also be offset to line up with other overlays. We have also added a new composite overlay; essentially a 7th overlay that can be the average of any of the other overlays, or the difference between any two selected overlays.

Total Power Meter Bar - the total power measurement is now shown as a vertical bar to the right of the spectrum plot. It shows both the spectrum total power and the peak hold total power. The total power measurement can also be weighted differently from the main spectrum; this allows you to have flat weighting on the main spectrum and A weighting on the total power measurement - very useful!

High Resolution Analysis.
24 bit sampling precision - high bit depths for high dynamic range and precision measurements (sound card dependent).

Up to 200kHz sampling rate - greatly expands the upper limit of the analyzer (sound card dependent).

FFT sizes up to 1,048,576 points - for ULTRA high frequency resolution
Octave scaling to 1/96.

Acoustic Tools
Reverberation Time (RT60) - utility features bar graph of reverberation time versus frequency band, 3-D Surface plot of the decay versus frequency and individual decay plots versus time.
Delay Finder - measures delay between two channels in milliseconds, feet or meters. Speed of sound - converts the delay value between milliseconds, feet or meters.

Equivalent Noise (Leq) - utility provides comprehensive noise level calculations for LeqT, Leq, Lpk, Lsel, Lmax, Lmin, L10, L50, L90.

Stereo Phase Scope for real-time monitoring and analysis of signal phase. Phase scope mode displays a standard oscilloscope X-Y orientation (lissajous pattern) for analysis of phase, polarity, missing channel detection and stereo separation monitoring.

Automation Tools - VERY POWERFUL
Macro Command Processor utility- allows you to easily automate measurements, record SPL and spectral data at user specified intervals/duration with time/date stamp, save files with user-defined names using a script-based programming language. It uses the underlying DDE syntax for an automation solution without requiring a third party program.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) - allows the capability for an external program to control and read results from the analyzer in real time. Works with any program that supports DDE such as C++, VB, Excel, Access and others.

Data Logging - utility produces an output text file containing selected spectral parameters + time-stamp for dynamic signal tracking and “unattended” event monitoring.

Dual channel signal generator - now generate independent signals in each channel. Create single or multiple tones, pink or white noise, noise burst, frequency sweep, level sweep, pulse, saw, triangle, square, IMD test tones, DTMF, digital zero, and user defined WAV source. - very powerful. Also a added Frequency Step signal.

Quick Loading of Configuration Files - can now be loaded from a drop down list box directly from the main toolbar. Provides quick access to stored configurations and default settings as well as the ability to “Undo” the operation.

Multicolor 3-D Surface Display - provides an effective analysis tool for analyzing complex spectrum content over time.

Digital Filtering - precision digital filtering of wave files; includes Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass, Notch and User Defined filter response for truly “Custom” filtering!
Advanced Scaling and Calibration - allows independent channel calibration and scaling for both left and right channels with separate views for each. Useful for applications requiring separate channel scaling and calibration such as simultaneous sound and vibration measurements. Includes calibration conversions from Acceleration to Velocity or Displacement; also adds Power Specral Density (PSD) scaling option for accurate noise measurements.
New toolbars - quick access to many of the settings and measurements.

Key Features:
Real-time FFT analysis of live input
Record, Playback and Post Process WAV files
Displays: Time Series, Spectrum, Spectrogram, 3-D Surface, Phase
Full Featured Dual Channel Signal Generator
High Resolution FFT Analysis up to 1,048,576 pts
Octave Analysis from 1/1 to 1/96
24 bit precision, sampling rates to 200kHz and above (sound card dependent)
Digital Filtering, Distortion Analysis, Transfer Functions
Acoustic Tools: RT60, Leq, Delay Finder
Automation Tools: Macro, DDE, Data Logging
THD+N versus Frequency utility

System Requirements:
Windows98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista32 or Vista64
Pentium or higher
128 MB RAM, 20MB hard disk space
256 color or greater VGA monitor (1024 x 768 or greater resolution)
Windows compatible sound card
Mouse or other pointing device


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