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domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

DSS DJ v5.6 Full + Skins + Effects dj software live mix


DSS DJ v5.6 Full + Skins + Effects

DSS DJ is a professional mp3 mixing software with one-click matching beat and syncronization.

DSS DJ is much more than an audio player. It’s a professional, live mixing software especially developed to use and experiment DJ techniques without turntables, dual CD player or other DJ equipment.

DSS DJ software has 2 fully independent decks with cue support, beat-aware loop, pitch, Master Tempo, 3 bands equalizer with kill functions, cut-off filter, DSP effects, automatic volume control, eq faders, song preview, live recording, ASIO driver support.

If you are a beginner DJ looking for some information about what you need to start and what are the options, or a pro DJ searching for a DJ software which can do the same tasks as the hardware equipment and even better, then you are in the right place.

more info www.imperiofullwarez.com

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